Our story so far


Quality, sustainability and innovation are at the heart of everything we do.

The Bahlsen Way

If we can’t find it, we create it

And if something can be improved, we improve it – whether it’s our packaging or our products.

Bahlsen means family

We’ve always believed that if you’re part of Bahlsen, you’re part of our family. Four generations later, it’s something we still believe.

It’s all in the details

For us, it’s not just a biscuit, it’s a passion. From the ingredients we use to the packaging our biscuits arrive in, we give every detail the time it deserves.

Designed to last

Our TET logo – a rising sun and snake – derives from an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic meaning ‘everlasting’, much like our legacy.

Respect for nature

We work closely with our trusted partners to ensure the sustainability and quality of our ingredients.

Life is to be savoured

We believe the same is true of our biscuits.

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An obsession with precision

We won’t stop until we get it just right. That’s why, when Klaus Bahlsen created our famous Waffeletten, he invented an entirely new machine to delicately roll and shape warm wafers, creating the perfect circle.

We take responsibility

The future is made by all of us. That’s why we're committed to working with trusted partners to protect the planet for future generations.

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Art and innovation through the years

We believe packaging can be more than functional, it can be beautiful too. So over the years, we’ve worked closely with some of Germany’s finest artists, using our packaging as a canvas.


An original Heinrich Mittag design


Featuring original illustrations by Martel Schwichtenberg


Our signature ‘Bahlsen’ lettering, hand drawn by Martel Schwichtenberg


An original abstract design by Emanuel Josef Margold


Art-deco design by Martel Schwichtenberg


A Pop Art take on our tin by Eva Grossberg


Geometric Op Art design by Eva Grossberg


An original illustration by Martel Schwichtenberg

Leibniz-Cakes packaging, 1904

Our pioneering packaging deserved something a little special, so we worked with German graphic artist, Heinrich Mittag, to design it.

The Express Tin, 1930

Our best-selling ‘Express Tin’ was given an art deco makeover by painter Martel Schwichtenberg.

Waffeltaschen packaging, 1930

Designed by Martel Schwichtenberg, our iconic Bahlsen lettering landed on packs in 1928.

Limited Edition tin, 1914

No sooner did Emanuel Josef Margold design our colourfully printed Limited Edition tin, then it quickly became a collector’s item.

Angora tin, 1928

A lot changed in the 1920s, and Schwichtenberg’s angora tin introduced us to art-deco design.

Pop Art biscuit tin, 1950s

While Pop Art dominated the 1950s, designer Eva Grossberg dominated our tin designs

Op Art biscuit tin, 1958

More than just a biscuit tin, Grossberg’s Op Art designs are functional works of art.

Limited Edition biscuit tin, 1920s

We’re not the only ones with an eye for a beautiful biscuit tin. Over the years, our Limited Edition designs have become highly-coveted collector’s items.

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132 years in the baking

It takes patience, but we’re dedicated to crafting beautiful biscuits.

“Contrary to popular belief, faster isn’t always better.”


Life is to be savoured


Proud family business since 1889

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